"Jason Maybell recently assisted my husband and me in finding a home in a very difficult real estate market. I was pregnant with our second child and we needed to find a home quickly that would fit the needs of our growing family for years to come. Jason somehow made what could have been an extremely frustrating and discouraging experience, a pleasant one. He was always available when we needed him on short notice, and often previewed homes for us to save us time. With Jason’s help we found the home we were dreaming of, and thanks to his sound wisdom and advice our offer was accepted amongst 8 others. We could not recommend Jason highly enough to anyone looking to purchase a home in this area."

- Kerri & Ty

"Very professional and competent. I never got a “I don’t know” response to a question."

- Alex & Rachael

"It was pure luck that I met Jason precisely when I needed a Realtor. After having done a lot of online research, I decided to spend a free day looking at open houses in the Issaquah Highlands, an area I thought looked promising. Who could have foreseen that I would find the perfect place on my first day looking? While I was looking at the house, I had an opportunity to observe Jason, who was covering the open house for another agent, interacting with other people who were asking a lot of questions. He answered their questions with patience and clarity, and clearly understood the market very well. As it became clear that I was very interested in the property, he asked if I had an agent, but didn’t press me when I said “not yet.” Within a few hours I was able to make the decision both to purchase the house and to work with Jason as my Realtor. Happy ending all around! But that’s not the end of the story. Now I unexpectedly needed to sell the home I’d been living in for the past 18 years. I told Jason I needed his advice about what needed to be done. He came to my house and spent two hours going through it with me room by room, telling me what furniture and art to leave to partially stage the house, what repairs and changes would be worth doing, and what I shouldn’t worry about. When he left, I had a three-page detailed to-do list. You should know that this was before the market had turned to the advantage of sellers, and I was concerned about getting as much as possible for my house without letting it sit on the market for too long. Jason also listened to the things I had to say about the neighborhood and school district, which he was less familiar with. I appreciated that he was open to using my experience with the area to help him position the house in the best possible way. While I worked on the house, Jason kept an eye on comps and home sales in my area, and planned the sales strategy. When I had the house ready, Jason hired an excellent photographer to take the photos for the flyer and the online tour. I was happy that Jason understood the importance of the online presentation, and that he was willing to invest in it. He put together an incredible online tour, and convinced me to start out with a fairly aggressive asking price for the house. He read the market just right, and my house sold within hours of listing, for more than my asking price, without even holding an open house!"

- Maren

"Jason Maybell was a real pleasure to work with: professional, personable, very responsive and very knowledgeable about the market and how best to show and price my house. I have already referred friends to him and will continue to do so."

- Dave

"Jason was exceptional! Always just a phone call away, which whom I called often. Jason prepared my entire family on the process of selling. He walked us all through a difficult and complex transaction with knowledge, and prepared us for the “what ifs” during the inspection process. I really liked how he had our best interests at heart and advocated for us."

- Karen

"My husband and I were first time home buyers and we could not have asked for a better home buying experience! Jason was READILY available to answer all of our questions and always provided an abundance of information to allow us to make well informed decisions. Early in our home buying experience, Jason met with us and explained the home buying process. He walked us through the typical time frame, and spent the time explaining the offer process in an easy to understand manner, even supplying us with example paperwork. Jason was always HONEST and CANDID when guiding us. We feared we may continue to be outbid on houses based on our budget and the current market, but Jason never allowed us to get discouraged. He was always UPBEAT and SUPPORTIVE throughout the entire search, even when we would change our minds on the type of home we were searching for. He would send us new perspective homes as soon as they hit the market, as well as investigate other homes we would come across and ask him about. We were often in contact each day, if not multiple times a day in regards to prospective homes and questions we had. When we did get our offer accepted on our home, he even recommended a wonderful home inspector and continued to be available in a moment’s notice. Based on our home inspection, we wanted some credits at closing to apply to home repairs. Jason spent his OWN time researching quotes to help us request an appropriate credit! Our home buying contract was not straight forward, but on closing day Jason was in touch to congratulate us as home owners! Then, on the day we actually received the keys to our home, Jason was AGAIN in touch to help make sure gaining occupancy was a smooth process for us. About a month after we moved in to our home, Jason contacted us again with a friendly check in to see how we were enjoying our home! We have known several people in the last few years who have purchased a home or sold their homes, first time home buyers or repeat home buyers, and NONE of them have shared such supportive experiences as that that my husband and I experienced with Jason!"

- Megan & Tyler

"As a first time homebuyer I was very cautious when making my selection in real estate brokers. I interviewed a handful of real estate professionals and found the easy choice was Jason Maybell. I felt like I had to track down other agents to interview them and their follow through was much less than what I expected of business professionals, very disappointing. From first contact Jason was on top of everything. He quickly responded to my emails, happily spoke with me over the phone answering any and all of my questions and made me feel comfortable with the process. Throughout my home buying experience Jason was professional, efficient, knowledgeable, available, he communicated very effectively and I never felt like I was left in the dark. Purchasing a home is a stressful process no matter how smooth the transaction goes. I was very pleased with my decision to work with Jason Maybell and was comforted in knowing I had someone in my corner looking out for me when things got stressful and dicey. I prefer to let actions speak more than words when it comes to professional interactions and Jason Maybell takes action. He has great follow through and does what he says he’s going to do."

- Erin


"Jason Maybell was very attentive, knowledgeable and was by far the best realtor we have worked with (we’ve worked with 3 previously)."

- Ryan & Joanna

"Jason served as our listing agent when we sold our house in the Lakemont area of Bellevue this year. Right from the start, Jason impressed us with his knowledge of the area having lived on the Eastside for several years himself. Since we were living overseas at the time of the listing, Jason had to be especially proactive in preparing to sell the house, coordinating all the activities and working well with the tenants who were renting the house. Jason made thoughtful recommendations in the way of cost effective improvements we should make to have the house looking its best and helped provide recommendations for who could do the work well at a good price.

Jason made the process of getting the house ready to list easy for us, staying on top of all of the deadlines and keeping us well informed of what needed to happen next. When we officially listed the house, Jason again showed his experience through his recommended pricing strategy. 2 other houses in our area were listed the same day as ours but Jason’s pricing recommendation allowed ours to appear as the best combination of price to value. Ultimately that translated to non-stop traffic coming through the house the first few days and eventually multiple offers before the house had been listed a week.

Jason’s experience helped us again through the closing process from helping us select the best offer to negotiating through the inspection. Jason stayed on top of everything throughout the entire process and ultimately made our home selling process both successful and enjoyable. On top of being a great real-estate person, he’s also a nice guy. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for real-estate assistance."

- Brett & Mandy

I attempted to sell my home for the past 3 years. I interviewed a number of Realtors and even hired 2 of them based on referral references with no success. The prospect of selling my home seemed daunting. We first met in the fall of 2011 and I was debating about putting my home on the market again after the holidays. Jason came fully prepared with a complete market analysis and honest feedback on what pricing my home would get in the current market. With my work options changing, as well as little movement on the real estate market, I decided to put my home in a lease situation for a year, beginning in May, 2012. Here again, Jason gave me honest feedback on the market conditions and said he would continue to maintain contact with me to update me as things changed. In December, 2012, I returned to Seattle to do a walk-through of the property and discuss the sale with Jason. So now, Jason, not only had to deal with a long-distance seller, he had the challenge of dealing with tenants and a property manager to get this home sold! None of this was easy work, but Jason took care in communicating with all of us the process of getting the home on the market. He was also very creative in overcoming the objections of the tenants. He dealt with all of the players with professionalism and sensitivity to each of our needs. He helped me get the work done to effectively stage the home (at reasonable prices) since I was over 1200 miles away. He priced the home right. We had 7 offers within 4 days. He helped make the decision on selecting the right offer. He ensured that all the paperwork was done for a quick and efficient closing. I can’t thank him enough! He did a great job and I would recommend him as the best Realtor in the Issaquah Highlands.

- Dianne